We've gathered our most asked questions into this knowledge base to ensure that our community is as informed as possible. Don't see your question? Contact us directly.

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General FAQ

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Where is my banking information saved?

Your banking information is held by Stripe. ARINA Live does not hold on to or have access to any of your banking information. Stripe exceeds the most the most stringent security standards. For more information, please visit the Stripe website (https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe).

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What is the class cancellation policy?

Class participants are able to cancel their class bookings up to 24 hours before their scheduled class. Fitness professionals are able to cancel their classes up to 1 hour before the class start time. 

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What device does ARINA Live work best on?

ARINA Live works on the following browsers: Chrome for computers/androids, Safari for iOS products (iPhone, iPad). Trainers must run classes from a computer on a Chrome browser as this is the only browser that allows for music sharing.

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How much does it cost?

See our pricing guide for full details. (Hint, it's FREE to join!)

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How do I register?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Click on create an account to receive an account activation link via email.

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How do I use it?

ARINA Live is a web-hosted platform; therefore, no download required! We’ve designed our platform to be user-friendly and intuitive. Feedback is always welcome!

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How will it improve my online training classes?

As we’ve witnessed a shift to an increase in demand for online workouts, we’ve designed our platform to supplement fitness studios’ and trainers’ service offering. Providing your communities with virtual access to your classes is guaranteed to enhance your customer retention and expand your reach.

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How does it work?

ARINA Live is a platform that allows you to offer remote training sessions to your community without compromising on quality.

Trainers FAQ

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Is ARINA Live only for classes being held online?

No. We have a solution coming soon that will allow you to move seamlessly from online to in-person classes seamlessly through one system.

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What video quality/resolution does ARINA Live provide?

Our stream can reach 1080p. This is depending on your's and your participant's internet quality. Our software throttles image quality based on your internet speed. In order to have HD 1080p, we require an internet speed of 5Mbps.

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What is the difference between a private and a public class?

Public classes will show up in the ARINA Live class library. This means that people who are from outside of your community are able to book into your classes. Private classes generate a link that you can share directly with the people that you are inviting to the class. This is a great option for private or semi-private classes.

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How long does the classroom stay open for?

You will have a 15 minute grace period once the class time is up. Once these 15 minutes go by, your class will expire and end for all of your participants.

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Why does ARINA Live give me the option to input sales taxes?

ARINA Live asks you to input your sales tax numbers (GST/HST and QST). If you plan on making more than $30,000 of total income within the year. If you plan on making less than this amount, you may opt-out of charging these taxes to your clients. 

Specifically, you must register for the GST and the QST if your total worldwide taxable supplies (including sales, rentals, exchanges, transfers, barter, etc.) and those made by your associates exceed $30,000 in a given calendar quarter or in the four preceding calendar quarters (visit Revenue Quebec, or your applicable province’s revenue website, for more information).

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How can I solve connectivity/bandwidth issues within the classroom?
  1. Close unnecessary applications and browser tabs to avoid application glitches and lags.
  2. If you’re having any issues during the class, refresh the browser. It’s as simple as that!
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How do I record my classes?

ARINA Live currently offers local and cloud recordings.

  1. Select the recording icon in the ellipsis menu (top right of the classroom) and choose the type of recording you wish to start (cloud or local).
  2. Select "Start Recording".
  3. Once your class is over, select "Stop Recording" from the ellipsis menu. 
  4. If you selected local recording, a file will automatically download from your browser. Our local recording feature currently produces WebM files. 
  5. If you selected cloud recording, a file will also upload directly to your analytics tab in your dashboard. You will be able to generate a temporary link and share this with participants. 
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How do I adjust the music volume for participants and ensure that my mic/music sounds good for participants?
  1. Once you have shared your music with participants, select the settings icon at the bottom right of ARINA Live. 
  2. You will be able to see both your mic and shared music input levels. Make sure that both levels are the same as this will mean that your voice and your music are equally being heard by participants. 
  3. If your participants can't hear your voice, lower your music directly from the music web player.

We recommend starting with your web player music volume level at the halfway mark! We recommend using a Bluetooth microphone as this will guarantee a great audio quality for your community.

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How do I share my music?

In-browser music sharing is one of our best functionalities! Our music share functionality works on a Chrome browser

  1. Next to the ARINA Live tab, open a web player tab for the web application that you are using (i.e. Spotify web player). 
  2. Log into the web player.
  3. Return onto the ARINA Live tab and select the icon in the ellipsis menu labelled "Enable Audio Share".
  4. A window will appear. Select the "Browser Tab" option on the right. 
  5. Select the music player tab from the list of tabs. 
  6. Select the Share Audio box on the bottom left. 
  7. Select the blue "Share" button on the button right.

You will be automatically directed to your Web Player Tab. Select the playlist and song. Your audio is now being shared with participants!

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How can I control my microphone and camera input on ARINA Live?

There are two areas where you are able to select the video and microphone that you will be using during the session.

  1. In the classroom lobby, you will have access to the "Setup Audio and Mic Inputs".
  2. In the classroom, you will have access to the "Settings" (ellipsis menu in the top right). This menu also contains an Audio/Mic Setup. 

Make sure that there are no other applications (i.e. Zoom or Skype) running on your computer using your camera/mic!

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What is the difference between Live video and Broadcast?

Live video means that you and your participants have your cameras on. We can support up to 50 participants in our live video mode. A broadcast would only enable the trainer’s camera. Our broadcast functionality can support up to 500 participants.

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How do I set the price of my class?

When creating a class, you will be able to set the price for your classes. The minimum class price is $5/participant. If you wish to organize a special event, please reach out to our team and we will help get you set up.

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How do I receive income payout from ARINA Live?
  1. ARINA Live is powered by Stripe. Once you access your trainer profile, remember to update your stripe e-wallet and update you banking information. 
  2. If you have a registered business that has sales tax numbers, please input your sales tax number. We will directly include these when charging participants for your classes. 
  3. Payouts are directly deposited at the beginning of each week.
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How do I create a class?
  1. ARINA Live is powered by Stripe. In order to create your first class, you need to update your e-wallet. 
  2. Once your information is inputted, select the calendar icon in the left sidebar menu to schedule a new class.
  3. Your class will then appear in your schedule as well as in the ARINA Live class library, allowing participants to book directly into the class from their accounts.