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Maximize your potential. ARINA Live gives you the power to host remote training sessions to your community— no matter where you are.

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ARINA Live is centred around studios’ and trainers’ needs to elevate the virtual training game. We’re here to work alongside you in building a  360° workout experience by merging the offline and online worlds.

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ARINA Live is your all-in-one digital training and wellness marketplace solution.

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Payment Processing

Set your own class pricing and get paid more easily with payments coming directly through ARINA Live.

Live Video

High-quality in-browser live streaming and broadcasting of your training session to up to 500 people at a time.

Audio Sharing

Offer amazing sound quality by sharing your sound directly to your students’ devices.

Class Management

Stay organized with detailed analytics, earnings data, attendee reporting and straight forward class scheduling.


Focus on increasing your revenue by being able to analyze detailed information about your classes.

Participant View Options

Participants can optimize their screen layout to their preference to get the most out of your class.

In-Class Tools

Optional tools such as an on-screen whiteboard, a timer and a chat box customize your class experience to your needs.

Local Recordings & On-Demand Replay

Automatic download of live classes once complete and allow attendees to replay your workouts 24/7.


Set your own pricing. Get paid before you even know it.

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Key features include:

Free (that’s always a plus)!
Customizable timers
Multiple on-screen layout options
Interactive participant chat
Live whiteboard
Instant downloadable recordings
Shareable playlists
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By trainers. For trainers.

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Studios and trainers must adapt to the new reality of in-person training and keep up with the increasing demand for virtual workouts. ARINA Live allows you to close the gap between both worlds by becoming more accessible to your community. Give your community the power to choose when and where to workout without losing pace.

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